Solutions for companies

The Solutions offered by NORVOZ

We offer you an IP communication service, simple, economical, practical and totally adapted to the needs of your company.

With IP CLOUD PBX you will enjoy important advantages that conventional analog telephony can not offer you.

Imagine, for example, being able to answer with your smarphone from anywhere in the world with internet connection, a call from your office in Spain. Imagine being able to have numbering from other countries and call with that numbering from Spain ...

Imagine what you need, because there is NO LIMIT. Our technicians  network
 will advise you and help you set up a service according to your demand. With a totally flexible cost depending on what you contract.


IP line

It is the most similar to a conventional line, designed for users who have their own IP PBX and want to carry their conventional IP telephony service lines.

Hire your IP line from € 6 a month*

More Quality

We guarantee the highest quality in all our calls.

Best Prize

We offer the best price based on the highest quality of our calls.

More Flexibility

You can grow at any time, more lines without installation.

*Prices VAT not included.

Virtual PBX                     

Norvoz, solución integral para las comunicaciones

What is Virtual PBX?

It is an INTEGRAL SOLUTION for the communications of your company or business. Telephony, Internet, eMail, Fax ...

A system with a large number of functionalities, 100% CONFIGURABLE ANDFLEXIBLE, which does not require the instalation of any hardware in your bussines.

A tailor made solution that, in addition to SENSITIBILY IMPROVING  THE COMMUNICATIONS of your company,  will suppose a GREAT COST SAVINGS.


It integrates in a single product all the communications of your company or business. Manage from a single site your telephony, eMails, Fax, internet ...


We adapt the virtual PBX programming to your needs, so that you can take full advantage of all its flexibility.


Communications have changed, we live in a society in constant movement, update already to the communications in the cloud.


You will be able to control at all times your telephone expense, being able to adapt it to your conditions of use. START SAVING NOW!

Main features of the Virtual PBX

Caller ID

Call Forwarding

Whether you are busy or not answering.

Call Retention


Conference to three


Music on Hold

Totally customizable.

Do not disturb

Management Panel

Mensaje de voz

Check your voicemail from your email.

Day/night service


Answering machine

Personalize your answering machine message easily.

Conference room

Conversations between several interlocutors.                             

Virtual Operator

Multiple levels.

Hire your virtual PBX from € 6 per month each extension*

*Prices VAT not included. Minimum 4 extensions.


Odoo image and text block

Hire your IP FAX for € 9 per month*

Send and receive faxes from your email

No machine or phone line or consumables ...

... but with all the advantages of internet

Access your faxes from anywhere

*Prices VAT not included.